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Sausage Party

Concept for:

- small budget

- fast food / sandwich shop

- seasonal

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

For your health, eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

When people want to set up a catering business or open a restaurant on a tight budget it’s often because they haven’t had the good fortune to prolong their studies or they don’t have the necessary financial backing to invest in a more costly venture.

They may not even have any professional training or know-how. That’s when they need simple ideas that are within everyone’s reach. Simplicity is the keyword; haven’t take-away pizza and kebabs proven that?

When writing these concepts I did a lot of research and studied attentively all the propositions made by chain restaurant franchises all over the world. Some propose good ideas but (to my mind) most propose concepts that are way too complex succeed.

What I’m proposing is a simple concept that will appeal to a wide public, so simple that you too will be convinced within the next few minutes.

Although I studied marketing, let me tell you that vas of no use to me when putting together this concept. The idea just come to me naturally. It so happens that I’m a volunteer in a football club and I often accompany teams when they play away, and we sometimes host tournaments in our club too. That’s quite a few months to feed and you can buy all sorts of sandwiches but without a doubt the ones which sell best are those with chipolata or merguez sausages.

Long live the sausage!

I know people who don’t live kebabs, others who don’t like pizza or hamburgers but I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like sausages.

Apart from the USA and their famous hot-dogs and the Germanic countries, we rarely if ever find a concept based on sausages. And yet, sausages are eaten all over the world, it’s the food to go par excellence! Sausages aren’t expensive, they’re easy to cook and to keep and they go perfectly with fries and bread.

The advantage of such a concept is that you require minimum capital as you need little equipment and little space. Fitting and lay-out will cost about the same as a kebab restaurant. The only requirement is that your premises be equipped with sufficient smoke extraction.

25m² will be big enough and if you have more than that, install a few tables to eat standing up. The most expensive item you’ll need is a professional deep fat fryer. You’ll also need a grill but you can buy these second-hand.

Ordinary house-hold equipment will suffice for the rest: an oven, a fridge, a freezer and a stove top.

The choice of sausages you use is entirely up to you, but there’s just one imperative: use good quality produce. A part from the inevitable merguez and chipolata I’d advise having a choice of 6-8 sausages. German-style (frankfurters) sausages are a must along with a Viennese or Strasbourg sausage. You can find these either in tins or in jars. Both German and Spanish brands sell them, you’ll easily find them on internet. They’re cheap, high quality and preserved in this way means zero wastage!

I would also suggest a smoked sausage (like a Montbéliard), one or two country-style hearty sausages, an Italian sausage and a spicy sausage such as Chistorra, longanisse or napolitan.

Supply all the usual condiments associated with sausages.

As for beverages and desserts, keep things simple and copy the kebab and pizza vendors.

Naturally you’ll be locating your business in a town- a town of at least 30,000 inhabitants. When choosing your location look for places with a lot of pedestrian traffic, surrounded by shops and offices and perhaps a school or university in the area would be an advantage. Of course, your location will depend on your budget but your best bet is to find a location similar to that of a kebab restaurant. Remember, the success of your business depends on your location. This concept is so simple, I have already covered all the important points. Simple it may be but I really do believe that it would be one of the easiest concepts to make a success of.

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