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Highway's BBQ

Concept for:

- small budget

- deliver / take away

- the countryside

- seasonal

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

For your health, eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

When I imagined this section regrouping concepts with tight budget, I wanted to give ideas first of all to allow to people (young people, unemployed persons) without a lot of money to take their affair up nevertheless in restoration and to live on it decently. I had then settled for line of conduct to create concepts likely to be launched with an equal or lower investment at the price of a medium car.

The concept which I am going to present you here is more even stronger and more amazing, because with him, you will be able to launch with an even smaller, much smaller budget, since your investment will be of the same order that the price of a television set!

No, you do not dream! However, I smell you incredulous. Then, let us pass to the serious things.

Originates, when I imagined this concept, I saw it rather as a supplementary activity, what whom there can always be, besides. By working on it, I realised that, if you make what is needed, you will manage to live on it decently, even if your activity will be partly seasonal.

Let us end supplementary activity right away with the aspect that this concept can be, if you wish it.

For example I issued idea that concept «Sandwicherie of the land» could be established in station of winter sports and could be supplemented in spring and the summer with another concept, it is in this one that I thought.

In fact, many people have the time and/or the need to have a supplementary activity.

I notably think of the persons used by canteens, that they are school or of firm, to the young pensioners, to people who work part-time, on those whose spouse works and who cannot find a place compatible with family life, and in all audacious who are ready to work a little more to round off ends of month.

Let us come back now into the deep of concept, you are going to become seller of roast meat at home. You will offer to your clients to come at home, in their garden, for their receptions, to make a méchoui, to roast piglets, thighs of beef, haunches of whole boar, boars …

You will need therefore neither place, nor supplies because you will work on reservation.

Logically, at this stadium, you must tell yourself that it will however be necessary you to buy the equipment well, and that it will be expensive, more expensive than a television. And good not, because all rotisserie equipments are for rent, on top of that, it is even inexpensive!!! And on top of that, they deliver the equipment even where you need it. Even not need of a commercial vehicle to start.

An incredible financial model, no supply veiled, no place, no investment and very weak need of initial treasury since your clients will make you a down payment long before your benefit!!

Yes, it is really difficult or even impossible to make better. On top of that, go to it, you even do not risk losing a lot of money if you fail.

Some pence which you will put in your affair, this will be only to pay you of pub.

Because the secret of your success, it will be advertising.

The best advertising medium, in report terms quality price is the pamphlet distributed in post boxes. Council, made your model yourlself and search on Internet the possible best price, there are specialised sites. You will make serious savings if you make the first distribution yourlself.

Before returning on your advertising, let us review now all types of customers likely to call your services. Some are obvious, others less. You are going to give a festive benefit then, they are likely to call you for: christenings, engagement, marriages, communions, hangings of racks, birthdays, retirements, and in the big families holidays of the fathers, mothers or even of big - mothers. This makes already quite a lot of occasions, after all, each has a birthday at least a year, except the natives of February 29th, and they are not nevertheless numerous very!

Let us pass now to other types of customers, the customers who will allow you to make your activity much more than a simple supplementary activity. Leave me first of all you add that the equipment hire companies offer rotisseries which allow to serve up to 150 guests, besides, once launched, you will take no more small receptions than to block holes, or, it is possible that you hire a wage earner to take care of it.

By being able to serve so many people, you will also interest all associations, almost all have at least an annual meal, or sometimes several, philatelists to the war veterans, sportsmen in the local sections of political parties and them, at least, they will not make the weekend inevitably this! The events committees of many villages, also, often search something once again to offer. Marvellous thing, these associations, very often, will hire you and make you pay the participants by making a margin in passage, and there is not easier client to persuade than the one who does not pay himself! Especially, if he shares your interests …

Let us list now types of customers even less obvious at first glance, but who too, will contribute to your prosperity: think of the societies of hunt which in season have a meal every week. Think of firms, this can entice them for a convivial meal with all wage earners, or when they regroup the personnel punctually for a seminar, also think of works councils. Think of clubs and libertine evening organizers who strangely seem very to be evening supporters méchoui. Also think of the clubs of elderly and of the houses of retirement which can want to distract their residents. And if you are in a tourist region, you will be able to offer your services to campings, to clubs and holiday camps.

Have in mind, that if necessary, you can rent tents and tents to put you sheltered from bad weather, what can allow you to work almost all year if you do not live in the Siberia.

All these customers, think of selling door-to-door them and watch to envisage some documents to be sent, by post or better by e-mail. Possibly, think of getting a stand from a living room of marriage.

But the best way for you of earning clients is simpler. Always forget only every person who will have eaten in one of the receptions that you will have assured a possible future client, then is always have a card and a little of material with you in benefit. It is necessary that he leaves again by knowing that even if he appreciated one of your méchouis, at home, you can roast a piglet or a beef thigh.

A concept veiled therefore which you will have been able to start with nonsense, then, be reasonable, when business will begin taking off, continue investing in advertising. Little by little, you will also invest in the equipment, in the long term, it is nevertheless cheaper that the renting. First of all, be clever, your success is based on you, then made by nice benefits, sell at their fair price, not too a lot and especially, are commercial, kind, obliging and spend a lot of time to canvass new clients.

I will not scourge you here with culinary advice and with recipes, on one hand they are easy, they are easily found on Internet and even better, our friends the equipment traders will give them to you, they will also point to you out the best suppliers for your meats.

There still, be clever, think of selling accompaniments, entries and desserts which you will buy in professional circuits. You can also sell some wine, some champagne and you are undoubtedly capable of accomplishing a punch or a sangria.

To finish, I will not point to you out size of catchment area of shop, it is impossible. Apart in the big urban centres in the exclusively vertical habitat, you can become established almost everywhere. The only difference, it is that if you are in a very rural region, it will be necessary to search your clients in a larger zone than in suburban suburbs where your customers will be concentrated on some square kilometres.

Here this concept belongs to you now, you to play!

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